Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Amanda Drury is a Hot Guest Host on Squawk Box

Not sure if she's just droppin' in or permanent nor exactly when these were taken, but CNBC news babe Amanda Drury usually reporting from Australia made her way to the Squawk Box studios to join Joe and Carl. We never get to see her hot legs from Sydney so this is a nice treat. Maybe I'm wrong though, but I still think Becky Quick is hotter, plus Amanda's kinda got the dumb blonde look.

Joe and Carl are smitten with Amanda

Screencaps courtesy of cody at the Wide World of Women forum.


BigD said...

After taking a look at that set of teeth in the first cap, I don't think I'd let my "Johnson" anywhere near this "Drury".
If she sneezes or coughs, I'm singing soprano.

Dick Rockhard said...

Talk about a fuckin' whore! This slut looks like they plucked her right off the set of a bad porn flick. What is CNBC thinking??

Unknown said...

Actually amanda is one of the sharpest and most polished anchors they have. very smart and relevant questions unlike some

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