Monday, June 29, 2009

A Hot Lis Wiehl Selling American Patriot Tote Bags

Thanks to some astute emailers, this is Lis Wiehl of FOX News enlisted to help sell the Bill O'Reilly "American Patriot" branded gear, a tote bag in this case. I love the product placement in front of Lis's hot legs. If you wanna buy the gear, go ahead and bang the link.

Lis can sell me anything,


liswiehlalsofartsandshits said...

Menopausal Lis Wiehl & Megyn Kelly sitting in toilet stalls next to eachother & having a farting & shitting contest. Do you think that Lis Wiehl or Megyn Kelly would win the farting & shitting contest? Also what names would you give the farts & shits which exit Megyn Kelly & Lis Wiehl's anuses?

Rip Yrdikoff said...

I am thinking right now about how to get past that lame-ass tote bag and pay oral tribute to Lis until her Wiehls are spinning!!!!

Darkseid said...

I would lick her sweaty arse hole before nibbling and sucking her big clitoris until she begged me to stop.

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