Monday, June 29, 2009

Gerri Willis is Hot All Weekend

From CNN all weekend, this is money honey Gerri Willis on the show "Your Bottom Line." Love all the different camera angles, Gerri has some sweet legs to be sure but it looks like a little too much blush on her cheeks though, maybe trying to cover up her dimples. I love her dimples, that's what makes her hot.

Multiple hot views of Gerri,

Screencaps courtesy of SceptreX42 at the Wide World of Women forum.


Dick Rockhard said...

If you think Gerri Willis is hot you need to check out CHERYL CASONE on Fox Business (Noon to 1 PM in the East). Cheryl is a beautiful blonde with fantastic legs which FBN puts on display every day. She also likes to wear low cut tops showing lots of cleavage. Casone has a sexy southern accent, has a great personality and without question is a women that will make a true man hard as a rock in seconds. Oh how I would love to shoot my load deep inside her pussy, ass and mouth. So, anchorman, wherever you get your photos from, let's see some hot Cheryl Casone pics!

Anonymous said...

I'm Back. The first comment and the comments on here for the past weeks EVERYDAY from the gay website by the screencaper: shadow has not been me. As you've all notice no one was trashing the fake Dark Duke. But, the fake Dark Duke aka shadow type paragraph after paragraph starting the trash talk again as he did with with the post on Jennifer Walden. It's a little weird that he has been going on and on with his fake gay website saying straight comments about news women but none of you are fooled.

If it is says Dark "The Man" Duke than it's not me.

Here is my real website with new photos of the hottest news women in their hottest looks:

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Anonymous said...

Mistake. The first comment from Dick Rockhard is not a fake. I had copied my previous comment.

Sorry about that Dick Rockhard. Anchorman is cool and if you also want requests than you can look at my site as well. :-)

Dark The Man Duke said...

Yep, fake dark duke can't even keep his spam straight lol. I guess now that Kindergarten is out we'll be seeing a lot more of this fool again.

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