Friday, February 19, 2010

Deirdre Imus with the Slit Skirt on FBN

From yesterday, this is Deirdre Imus on Happy Hour on FOX Business News. Yes, apparently she is the same blonde from the Happy Hour pictures a couple of posts down. If there was a definition of slit skirt in the dictionary, this picture would probably be there, damn that's short. Anyways, to respond to all y'all questions, I don't get FBN so, no I can't watch it, I rely on y'all to inform me, that's why y'all are there.

Deirdre has a present for us all,

Screencaps courtesy of Pervman's blog.


StewartIII said...

"Delicious" Deirdre Imus

Unknown said...

Shes not the cutiest babe on Fox but i wouldnt kick her out of bed unless we were doing it on the floor!!! Shes working that dress better then shes working that job. If you got a nice body you to much cant go wrong with red!!!! Damn she gave me a chubby!!!!

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