Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Hot Leggy Tamara Holder on FOX and Friends

Not exactly sure when this was aired, but I'm assuming this past week. Tamara Holder is regular on Red Eye but this is the first time I've seen her on FOX and Friends, and man she didn't disappoint. She's dressed hotter here than she usually is on Red Eye. I can see why Steve has his eyes focused directly on Tamara.

An irresistible Tamara,

Screencaps courtesy of Pervman's blog.


Unknown said...

Oh,wow,that she sure is,pal.So very,VERY irresistible!! Mmmmmmmmmm

StewartIII said...

Tamara, why do you tease me so?!

Hello said...

The guy on the right looks like that one guy on SNL. I can't remember his name but the similarities are astonishing.

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