Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tamara Holder is Red Hot on Red Eye

Red Eye is always better when Tamara Holder is on. Sporting the nice red hot dress with plenty of leg action going on. I love her dark nail polish as well, a nice contrast with her skin and dress. I think her top could of drooped down a little more, but oh well, can't complain.

Tamara is red hot,

Screencaps courtesy of Shadow at the Hi-Def News Caps blog.


Tamara N. Holder said...

Thanks! Always an honor to be on your blog. Gotta love the leg chair!
But WTF with the first pic?!? LOL

StewartIII said...

Could I hire Tamara so I could sue Tamara, for being so HOT?!

Unknown said...

Mmmmmmmmm,she's so delicious!!! I love her!!!

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