Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Few Hot Views of Christi Paul on CNN Headline

Not sure when these were taken, but a rare look at Christi Paul behind her anchor desk and a body shot as well, be it a little far away. We used to get a lot of hot leggy shots of Christi when she would fill in for Robin, but ever since she had her baby and came back, it's been rare to see anything other than head shots. Definitely would like to see more of Christi again, I miss the old days.

Christi is pretty in pink,

Screencaps courtesy of chris217 of the Wide World of Women forum.


Unknown said...

I never watch CNN or HLN so I hardly ever see Christi much. She's a beauty. Reminds me of Shannon Bream on Fox - curves in all the right places and just a nice amount of "meat on the bones". Thanks for this post!

anonymous said...

I agree. It was great when she filled in for Robin. She had a great body, and sexy legs. Hopefully, we'll get the chance to see them again!

Marc B said...

She's a stunner. I am amazed how many newswoman are hotter than most of the Hollywood actresses.

NamesWillNeverHurtMe said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful. If I had a lady like her at home I believe I'd have to behave.

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