Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Bloomberg is Better than the Rest

When it comes to financial news babes, it's clear who is the leader at the moment, Bloomberg. From the last day or so, these are a few of the hot news babes delivering the goods, Margaret Brennan in the first picture, Sara Eisen in the second, and Andrea Catherwood in the last. IMO, Andrea is probably the hottest of the three but dressed the worst, love Maggie's top and skirt.

Bloomberg rocks,

Screencaps courtesy of DenisMa of the Wide World of Women forum.


Unknown said...

Maggie Brennan is the best of Bloomberg ... but Lori Rothman is hot as well although very rarely do we get a leg shot of Lori. You also can't leave out Gigi Stone and Scarlett Fu as well. Betty Liu is OK if you like women who are so skinny you need to attach them to a cinder block on a windy day. MARGARET BRENNAN ROCKS!

Leg Love said...

Hey Anchor Man.

Those are screencaps courtesy of Leg Love of the Wide World Of Women forum. DenisMa's screenscaps are just as cool of course. But yes i agree Bloomberg has really hot anchor's. Andrea is probably the hottest desk sitter on the channel lol. We could do with more leg shot's from Margaret too.

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