Thursday, January 10, 2008

CNBC Worried Over Erin Burnett Article

Via the Inside Cable News blog, it seems that management at CNBC are just a little ticked off at the PageSix interview article that featured Erin Burnett. They think Erin comes off as a narcissistic gold-digger and think it damages her image.

In it, Erin reportedly says that the key to getting a piece of her [heart] (insert ass) is by "giving her round-trip, business-class tickets to Australia and New Zealand, sending a yoga instructor and personal chef to her apartment, and treating her and her sisters to a long-weekend spa getaway, among other suggestions."

I don't know what the heck is the big deal. So what, Erin's a girl and girl's like guys to chase them around buying shit for them and trying to win them over. It's called "the game" people, and if you can't ante up, then you can't play. Don't be a playa hater.


Anonymous said...

Erin's totally hot! I just want to bang her, and bang her again, until she's impregnated.

Brick Tamland said...

hehehe, I make fire in the woods.

Anonymous said...

Morons, leave her alone.

Anonymous said...

You would think that as materialistic as she is, she would take some of the money she "earns" and buy some decent boobs, then add some character if possible. Some days she is totally flat. Other days she remembers to use her padding.

Anonymous said...

At least she's up front about being a whore, unlike 99% of women. She'll be polishing some Arab Shiek's knob in Saudi Arabia real soon, you can bet the bank on that. By the way, she needs to grow an ass before being so demanding; flat, pasty pancakes ain't gonna get you squat (maybe a dinner at the Olive Garden).

Anonymous said...

...or the knob of the CAMEL belonging to the Sheik. I would think THAT would be more likely as they would want to disgrace the "rich white American whore" they now own.
Maybe the next fashion pics we see of Erin will be her strapped face down across a table while a camel anally mounts her.
I would think they'd cut her breasts off for being a whore but how can you cut off what doesn't exist?
Still think she looks like the cheerleader in high school who screwed EVERYONE (including the coach) on the basketball team to be "voted" captain of the cheerleading team then wore the "captain" jacket every day to school.
Once a slut...always a slut.
Hey, I don't HATE Erin, just stating facts.

Anonymous said...

Erin is a thinlipped slut.

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