Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Jenna Lee is FBN's Hottest News Babe

Overall Hotness: 8/10
Face: 8/10
Body: 8/10
Legs: 8/10
Personality: 8/10

Photobucket Jenna Lee is one hot babe, no two ways about it. Ever since she premiered just a few months ago along with the launch of FOX's Business News in October, lotsa people have been tuning into watch all the new hotties, but Jenna is the queen of them all so far.

Jenna is like that really hot coed in college. You know, smart and nerdy during the day, but hot and sexy for all those wild frat parties. You can picture her as that hot girl dancing on top of the coffee table with 50 guys in the room rooting for her. She has a pretty face, nice full hair, and a wickedly tight body. Her legs are long, smooth and almost perfect.

The best part about Jenna Lee is that for the time being, it seems that she's single. I know, if you can believe that a hottie like Jenna is still on the market. I bet it must be hard for her though, to meet good guys. She probably attracts all the stalkers and pervs. I do hope that she finds a good guy...

She doesn't have an official page, but here is what her wikipedia page says:

Jenna Lee (born 1980 in San Francisco, California) is an anchor on the Fox Business Network. She is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Global & International Studies. It is often reported in her biographies that she graduated from the University of California. However, there is no such school. The University of California includes many different schools and Jenna attended the University of California at Santa Barbara. She also holds a Master of Science degree in Journalism from Columbia University. Lee, along with Nicole Petallides were the the two first two anchors on the air when the network made its debut on October 15, 2007.

Before joining FBN, Lee worked for as a news anchor and reporter. During that time, she conducted interviews with various leaders in the business community, both on-set and in the field, and covered multiple beats, including investing, the leisure industry, alternative business practices and international news.

Prior to her stint at, Lee worked for NY1, serving as a reporter and a segment producer for Fortune Business Report. While there, she also served as an associate producer for Inside City Hall, a live nightly politics program, and as a writer for their morning newscast.

On the October 23, 2007 taping of Fox Business' Happy Hour show, Lee stated that she was part Italian on her mother's side. Her mother's maiden name she mentioned was Delfino.

This is that Extra segment they did on Jenna, hopefully she has a valentine coming up for Feb, otherwise, I'll be her valentine...

Here are a nice set of pictures of the beautiful Jenna Lee, and there will be plenty more in the next months, years I hope,


Anonymous said...

There is a bunch of good Jenna Lee pictures here:

Anonymous said...

Hot News Anchor Women has the sexiest photo of Jenna Lee and great comments from bloggers across the country.

Anonymous said...

Jenna Lee is a 10/10

I've been watching her on t.v. for about 3 months now and I gotta say she looks more and more fine everyday.

I suggest giving her all 10's. Her personality as well is spot on! She's got that cute girl next door feel to her.

Hotter than most other anchors on fox bn and fox news by the way...i think anyone will agree there!

Jad said...

Way to many freckles and moles not a good look.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the fact that she has a man's chest. If she had any brains she would get breast implants like Robin Meade and the other Headline news hotties.

HM said...

Jenna is a knockout!! One of a few on FBN.

Tom said...

Jenna Lee reminds me of my beautiful fiance', Dianna, who also has super hair. Jenna, don't change a thing, you're fantastic.

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