Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ainsley Earhardt Makes the Weekends a Joy

I don't think it would be possible to not like this southern belle, Ainsley Earhardt of FOX. I love the facial shot here, a beautiful smile with such pretty eyes and hair.

Ainsley's a dream,
Slight upskirt going on too,

Screencaps courtesy of sparty and deadzone at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

Now that is what i call a total
southern belle. Has it all and more. Fox Rocks.

Anonymous said...

Ainsley has great big fake breasts and she likes to show them off in tight shirts. I can admire any woman who gets breast implants and then has the courage to show them off.

She seems like she would be a little bratty if she does not get her way. Since, most men kiss up to her and she likes that. Therefore, I would not marry her but, I would most definitely date her for a couple of months and treat her like a lady.

I have dated a woman who is very much like Ainsley's personality and I therefore know Ainsley is fun to hang out with, Ainsley's is as horny as hell and likes to ride a real man. It's to bad she got married so young to some nobody tool (I noticed the ring on her finger on fox). Please, allow us to see larger photos of her.

I try to catch her on the weekends but, I usually have to do other things than to watch tv. The guys at fox should put her on everyday. She is the only reason I watch fox every now and then since, I am a democrat.

Anonymous said...

I just watched her on fox this morning and she was wearing some masculine men's jacket. I was so disapointed and I switched to a different news channel. One week she wears a tight shirt that is ok then the next week she wears a nazi jacket. Ainsley is such a fake. I thought she would be dressed just a tiny bit more sexy and showing a little bit of cleavage. That is the last time I look for her on fox. I hope they replace Ainsley.

Anonymous said...

I would love to suck on her clit all night long baby! So HOT and looks like she is a wild one in bed! Love the shot where you can almost see a peek up her skirt, camel toe anyone???? Yeah I would bang her all night and lick her up and down.

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