Friday, March 7, 2008

Linda Stouffer Showing Rare Leg Action

With Robin away reporting on location, Linda Stouffer filled in and we got a rare chance to check out her body action. She doesn't show much, but it was still hot.

Linda showing a little leg action,

Screencaps courtesy of HSF at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

I've seen her on the news a lot. I went to bed then woke up and she was still reporting. Then I got back from work and she was there. Linda is ambitious and will rightfully end up being the next Barbra Walters if she plays up the seductive news woman thing more. She dresses so stiff because she wants to be taken seriously. That is a mistake since her words show her to be smarter than other news women so she has nothing to prove since it is proven in the first seconds when she speaks. If she doesn't play up the sex appeal than she will fade away with time.

I have a lot of lady friends so, I know what a freak Linda really is. Linda loves to masturbate and when she is with a man she loves to swallow. She doesn't want the whole world even guessing what a freak she is. I wish she were more like Robin Meade and relaxed. But, I watch Linda whenever I get bored.

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