Thursday, March 6, 2008

Natalie Morales is Pregnant

Via TVNewser, our favorite NBC Today hottie, Natalie Morales announced on the NBC Today show website that she's pregnant and due sometime in September. Congrats to her and her family.


Screencaps courtesy of shadow at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

Miss Morales knows she's beautiful and she is guilty of using her female looks to get on national tv. She is no Katie Couric. Katie Couric plays dumb but, she is actually smart and witty. But, Natalie really is stupid and bratty. Natalie had better get implants before her luck runs out.

Anonymous said...

Natalie is pregnant? My dick would keep itself from cumming inside someone so bland. I would definitely shoot a load on her face though but, Natalie would have to impress me for that. Lol :>>>>>>>>>> I wonder what desperate loser she found to knock her up.

Anonymous said...

a couple of morons with one inch dicks and no lives

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