Sunday, June 29, 2008

NYC Weather Babe Shay Ryan

Some of your NYC clones out there clamoring for her, so here she is, weather babe Shay Ryan of FOX. She's kinda got a hot body, if you like the 20-inch waist type. Her face is alright, I'd still do her...

The weather is hot like me, says Shay,

Screencaps courtesy of slashasterisk at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

LOL, Shay used to do the weather in Detroit. I wondered what happened to her ass.

Anonymous said...

she looks like she is in her 40's not so hot

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this.
With all due respect, and as grateful as I am for our posting thiis, I don't think you got her at her best.
She truly is a knockout with the most amazing body. "20 inch waist" Well I guess I like that.
I hope you'll try again.
She's usually on the 10 pm news on Channel 9 in New york City (same ownership as channel 5, Fox, which is what Shay Ryan is)

Anonymous said...

They certainly toned her down in Detroit. In her early time there, she tried out the low-cut sweaters and I couldn't take my eyes off her. These photos don't do her justice.

Anonymous said...

She was a hottie here in Detroit before she had the kid. I'd still hit that.

Anonymous said...

OMG ..... Shay was so Hot when she was in Savannah, Ga. on WSAV Channel 3 (NBC) for several years for getting married to a reporter at the same station & then moving to Detroit . I was unlucky enough not to meet her, but i did speak with her on the phone & thru e-mails quite a bit . She would usually wear jackets or sweaters that didn't really show off her very curvy figure . She is on the short side, but then most naturally busty women are . Don't get me wrong, i actually like short women .

I actually saw her legs for a brief few seconds when she did an interviews &i need to say that from what i saw, they were very nice .

Add to this, she was also very friendly on the air & i never heard anything bad about her . I still remember the day she left Savannah .

In closing i would just like to say " HELLO SHAY " ..... TM1 ( she whould know that those initials are from my e-mail address ) .

PS .... I never got to see her at the beach ( Tybee Island ) in a bikini ( she went often ) .

Anonymous said...

That was a typo . It as supposed to say " before gtting married " & not " fore getting married " .

Also Shay was " Slim & Busty " while in Savannah .

( I am the " anonymous from the above post " )

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