Friday, August 15, 2008

Watching Sexy Tamron Hall on MSNBC

With all the olympic stuff goin' on in NBC, Tamron Hall has been getting plenty of face time. From a couple of days ago on MSNBC, a hot Tamron Hall sporting in what looks like a shiny leather top with the white pants. Damn, she's got a hot body, love her super-white teeth as well. She was on yesterday with black leather pants.

Tamron was bangin',

Screencaps courtesy of slashasterisk at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

I keep wondering how much time this woman must be spending on her knees in order to get so much face time ?? She must give lots of blow jobs for she is always on.

William Jefferson Anonymous said...


Is that you John McCain??? I told you you'd get hooked on this internet. Give blowjobs a shot, I'll bet you get hooked on those too! Hey, wanna swap wives? Don't worry, nobody does with me...

Anonymous said...

She heard sperm is good for whitening the teeth and since she had to get on her knees anyway to keep her face on the screen all the time she killed two birds with one stone.

Anonymous said...

No! That was NOT John McCain in the previous posting. John McCain is a fine, upstanding man who knows NOTHING about getting blowjobs or performing oral sex. I can certify to those facts.
Thank you.

Cindy M.

Anonymous said...

There is NOBODY HOTTER than Tamron Hall. She is so gorgeous it hurts to watch her because I'm immediately reminded how pathetic my life is. The gap between her and me getting a girl in the same league as her. W I D E. What great tits too. Who cares if they're fake. We should make fake tits part of standard American medical treatment. Why should we not strive for perfection and make it easier for women to achieve perfection?

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