Sunday, August 30, 2009

Michelle Gielan is a Hot CBS News Babe on the Early Show

Ever since she joined CBS national earlier in the year, I've never seen anything but from the chest up. From the Early Show earlier in the week, this is hot news babe Michelle Gielan showing off her hot legs. I think she would be a more obvious choice to host the weekends then Erica Hill, Michelle is hotter than Erica at this point.

Michelle's rare leggage,

Screencaps courtesy of nonblogger at the Reporter Caps forum.


BigD said...

Very average appearance. Attractive, but wouldn't give her a second look passing her on the street.

Bradley said...

You won't,BigD,I would,though.

G B said...

Michelle is not only a talented anchor, but one of the prettiest women on TV!

NamesWillNeverHurtMe said...

I'd take her any day of the week. She has a girl-next-door prettiness about her that is very appealing and when she smiles she just lights up.

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