Monday, November 30, 2009

A Hot Jamie Colby All Weekend Long

She was hot all over FOX this weekend, this is underrated news babe Jamie Colby looking fine like wine in a hot blue dress. I think the guy to the left is trying to imagine her without clothes or something. I love how Jamie always has her legs nice and shiny.

Jamie is one bangin' babe,

Screencap courtesy of spinner at the TvNewsCaps forum.


sha said...


Dick Rockhard said...

Jamie must have her own personal leg oiler ... always looks like she just oiled up for her air time. I wonder what else she is oiling up?? Always nice to see Jamie anchorman!

sydneestorm said...

It is amazing to watch Fox News, they always have Jamie sitting to the side of the desk so that her gorgeous legs and heels are exposed. Yes she must have oil her legs prior to going on the air. As a woman who wears high heels myself, she does have great legs and should showcase them.

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