Monday, November 30, 2009

Play the Guess Who Game

From yesterday on Geraldo at Large, we know that hot news babe Kimberley Guilfoyle was the fill-in host, but who is the other hot brunette sitting here closest to the camera. Damn, that's hot, and love the hot cfm heels too. A bonus add with hot blonde Kirsten Powers in the background.

Who is this hottie,

Screencaps courtesy of Pervman's blog and BLM the Wide World of Women forum.


snaggle tooth said...

That is just awesome. I can't name her but I wish I could. Talk about an upgrasde for the Geraldo show. Even Judith Miller, let alone Kimberly and scorching Kirsten.

Dude said...

The girl in the short red dress and black heels is Noelle Nikpour. She is a Fox News contributor.

If you search the TV Anchor Babes blog using her name you will find an up the skirt post of her from a while back when she was a gust on Fox and Friends.

Also, if you google her name you will find some other really good pics of her.

She has a very pretty face and bangin body. Nice post Anchorman.

Dude said...

Noelle Nikpour -

StewartIII said...

Her name is Noelle Nikpour.

The woman in purple is Judith Miller.

I caught Noelle's leg cross last night, too. It was AWESOME!

Thechairman said...

The chick on the right seems vaguely familiar. But major boo's to the set designer who put in the opaque stripes on the bottom of the desk.

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