Friday, November 6, 2009

A Hot Rebecca Diamond and Tracy Byrnes on Happy Hour

I like this picture of FBN's Happy Hour with a hot Rebecca Diamond (in the middle) and Tracy Byrnes (on the left), mainly because of Cody Willard's face. The dude seems to have an unhealthy obsessive stare at Rebecca's hot legs.

A hot leggy duel,

Screencap courtesy of tdubya68801 and sparty at the TvNewsCaps forum.


Da Curly Wolf said...

what a positively delicious shot of 2 pairs of exquisite legs..on 2 flat out gorgeous women.

Dude said...

All I can say about Tracy's busty side profile here is "WOW!!!"

I have taken a lot of heat from some of the posters on this board (i.e. Dick Rockhard) over my admiration for Tracy Byrne's sexy body. While I agree with many of you that Tracy's face is average, how can anyone look at this picture of Tracy and not like what they see from her neck down.

Just look at the way she sits perched on top of that bar stool with perfect upright posture sticking out her busty chest.

Also, for a 43 year old woman with 3 kids she still has some nice toned legs that look sexy as hell in her black mini-skirt.

While I agree with many of you that Rebecca Diamond is much better looking then Tracy, I think that Tracy deserves much more attention then she gets.

I will put Tracy's side busty profile up against the best of them. And if you are not a believer after looking at this pic, then check out Anchorman's post on this website of Tracy on May 6, 2009 on Happy Hour. Nice post Anchorman, keep up the good work!!

rootvg said...

Rebecca is so gorgeous, she should be guarded by the Marines. I swear...she's almost too hot to be true.

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