Monday, November 2, 2009

Tracy Byrnes Dances the Show Away on FBN

A reader sent me this via email, seems pretty recent, a very funny video clip of FBN news babe Tracy Byrnes bustin' out the moves live on set. Unfortunately, I can't say she's really hot, in fact, she looks more like a wounded chicken, but at least she's shakin' it, which is more than what we get from most others. Enjoy...


Dude said...

Lol. That video of Tracy is soooo cruel Anchorman. I am not even sure you can call that dancing. That's almost as bad as Elaine from Seinfeld's dance moves.

Regardless, I remain a huge fan of Tracy Byrnes. Even though she may not be able to dance, she still has a fantastic rack and amazing legs. The only positive about that video is that she gave us a nice view of her sexy legs. Keep doing your thang Tracy.

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