Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Robin Meade's Hot Boots on Morning Express

It seems like forever since our last Robin Meade post, so we're given her some love here. From yesterday's Morning Express on CNN headline, Robin was sportin' the wickedly hot leopard boots to go with a tight fitting dress.

Nothing beats a hot Robin,

Screencaps courtesy of Pervman's blog.


DClem1 said...

I don't care what the haters on this site say, Robin Meade is a vixen and any of them straight ones would wish they could get her!

Dick Rockhard said...

Seeing Robin reminds me that perhaps she needs to be on "DUDE"'s Top 10 Anchor Breasts list. I always forget about Robin because I always forget about HLN.

Hey DUDE, what do you think ?? Maybe Robin should take Kathie Lee's place on your list.

Dude said...

Dick Rockhard, LOL, Great minds think alike. I changed my Top 10 Breast list on Tuesday night before reading your comments above on Wednesday morning and I included Robin Meade in there to replace KLG. Check out what I wrote on Tues night regarding my Top 10 List under the Margaret Brennan picture post.

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