Monday, May 11, 2009

Danica McKellar is a Hot Guest on FOX and Friends

I think everyone remembers her as the geeky bookworm chick on the Wonder Years. But she sure has turned out into quite the hottie. This is Danica McKellar on FOX and Friends this morning, I guess she's some kind of math for kids promoter. FOX babe Gretchen looking pretty fine herself.

Math never looked so good,

Screencaps courtesy of legmaster at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

i wonder how far danica can deep throat my cock after i pull it out of gretchen's ass?

Anonymous said...

Can she calculate how to get with Gretchen?

Anonymous Asshole said...

Fuckin' Winnie Cooper! FOX is really scraping the bottom of the D-list celebrity barrel.

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to deepfuck her

Anonymous said...

Forget Winnie, Gretchen is the hot one. If she doesn't give you a boner, you're suspect to be a homo.

Anonymous said...

Danica manages to get hotter every year.

Anonymous said...

Gretchen is the little hottie in that picture.

I've always wanted to assfuck Gretchen.

dark duke said...

i don't know about gretchen, bob, but don't you think brian has just the cutest smile. it's almost like he's smiling at me through my tv screen. oh he's so adorable i could just pinch his little buttcheeks.

yes Cervonceay, i am trying to make you jealous because of the way you keep acting. please stop coming over here and causing all this ruckus. you know you are the only penis for me. and that's why it's good to be the duke ;)

p.s.- i am a homosexual

Anonymous said...


i'm cutting and pasting this since you are mentioning dark duke one to many times.

shadow, you really need to stop pretending to be him and mentioning that other website. you are really starting to weird us all out.

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