Monday, May 11, 2009

Kaley O'Kelley is a Hot Weather Babe on GMA

I now y'all been asking for more Marysol Castro, but she just popped out a littleun, so now we have Kaley O'Kelley doing the weather for ABC's Good Morning America. She's probably not as hot as Marysol, but she's definitely bangin'. Bonus add with a hot Kate Snow.

Kaley is a hot fill in,

Screencaps courtesy of IceMan at the Wide World of Women forum.


snaggle tooth said...

I agree with you, AnchorMan, Kaley is not as hot as Marysol but she is certainly above average. It will be good to see Marysol when she comes back post pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

kaley has some nice sexy legs and that skinny white bitch aint bad either.

Anonymous said...

Not as hot as Marysol.

Anonymous Asshole said...

So we've had caps from "Gambit" and "IceMan".....where are the rest of the X-Men? I'm waiting for caps from Jubilee and Professor X now.

These cappers and their "bad-ass" names are trying to make up for something else missing in their life. Probably a small penis.

Anonymous said...

she not the best looking weather female in phoenix that is april warnecke and best looking female at her station in phoenix is jenn burgess

Anonymous said...

I think Kaley is the total package! Smart & beautiful. Go Kaley!

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