Sunday, May 10, 2009

News Babe Hottie of the Week, May Week 1

First off, wanna give a shout out to all the hot Moms out there, happy Mother's Day, including to Mrs. Burgundy, wherever you are. As for last week's Hottie of the Week poll, the biggest landslide we've seen yet, Natalie Morales ran away with it. Anna Gilligan, Jenna Lee, Ivanka Trump, and Alex Witt and Dawn Yanek rounded out the list.

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As for this week (Sunday May 3 to Saturday May 9), I had a little bit of a tough time filtering out the clutter comments, therefore Laura Ingle and Alexis Glick are out this week. With that said, this week's list now includes Jenna Lee, Robin Meade, Patti Anne Browne, Contessa Brewer, and Julie Banderas.

You vote here. I will leave the voting open until next Sunday with which I will announce the winner, Happy Voting:
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Here they are in order of appearance:
Julie Banderas running the NJ marathon,
Is this the last we've seen of our beloved Contessa Brewer?
Patti Anne Browne was doin' her thang on Red Eye again,
Robin Meade is such a tease,
Jenna Lee was profiled by Wall Street Fighter,


Anonymous Asshole said...

Anchorman, you truly are blind, deaf, and dumb. Did you not notice the sudden 800+ votes that showed up for Natalie out of nowhere? Jesus H. Christ, between this and the ongoing shadow/dark dump war, I have no idea what blog your watching.

Anyway, Jenna gets my vote after the debacle last week.

Anonymous said...

Jenna as well in a very tough ballot. If Jenna was a clear number 1 this would be tough.

Jenna's aunt, PAB, is second.

Hottest women on earth:
1. Jenna Lee
2. Becky Quick
3. PAB

Anonymous said...

Contessa my fave always for her beauty, her body, and her willingness to do whatever it takes. Love her like crazy just sad soon she won't be on anymore.

Anonymous said...

JENNA LEE. How the fuck Natalie Morales had more votes than Jenna sounds like ACORN must be running the polling department at Anchorbabes!

Anonymous said...

9:47 AM,

Anchor Man is retarded.

Anonymous said...

^^Agreed. Anchorfool needs to pull his head out of his ass and reward last week's hottie of the week to Anna.

dark duke said...

i vote for the cap with the cute white guy. i would vote for the cap with the cute black guy because we all know black men have large penor's (i know first hand heh heh) but anchorman's already called dibs on him :( oh well, it's still good to be the duke ;)

Anonymous said...

looks like the voting is rigged again, how come the (f)ugliest chick always gets the most votes. there is no way that many people voted for Robin Meade! Jenna Lee should have won last week and she should be winning this week! This voting is so f***in' rigged!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah something stinks here. Maybe Anchorman himself is rigging the voting so the cap with the black guy wins. No way should Robin be winning by this much.

Anonymous said...

Jenna has a little boy's body. No sex appeal, cute face, lots of facial hair. look at her close up in HD.

Anonymous said...

If you go to Leslie Sanchez's page, she has links to pics of her and Kiran Chetry the White House Correspondent's dinner.

Lookin' good, Kiran!

Anonymous said...

Chetry look'n mighty delicious in that little red dress showing off her bare, sexy shoulders. Imagine getting a piece of that!

Anonymous said...

Meade's vote total seems to take large jumps over a short period of time. The others are getting usual slow growth. Someone is messing with the voting.

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