Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Natalie Allen is Back on CNN

From out of nowhere, CNN news babe Natalie Allen resurrected back on CNN International earlier in the week. A little older, but still has the great facial features. Now, we're just waiting for her to show up in a hot skirt and low cut blouse.

A busty Natalie,

Screencaps courtesy of marauder at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the gossip columnists to blog about who SHE had to blow to get her job back.
My guess would be Nancy Grace...

Anonymous said...

she had to fist nancy grace to get back on tv. nancy is one angry pissed-off bitch.

Anonymous said...

wtf is this even posted for!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll give Natalie a little love here just to report that Dark Duke has taken his site live. It's now on Justin.tv. Check it out at:


Dark "The Man" Duke truly is the man.

Anonymous said...

Natalie is a dear friend and an amazing journalist. Maybe that's why she is back on CNN, you bunch of assholes!

Anonymous said...

Natalie Rocks!

John said...

She doesn't answer anyone on Facebook. I needed help with a "green" project, and thought she could help.
I guess I'll have to take a number and get in line. I never considered her as a "babe." Maybe that's why I haven't heard from her.
My bad!

Anonymous said...

I want her back on the screen. She was my best man when I married 1991 and shortly after she started on CCN. That was really nice to watch the best man evenings on TV.

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