Saturday, December 29, 2007

Amy Robach Attracts The Lookers

I love it when guys get caught looking, TVNewser has the scoop on the whole Dan Abrams calling out FBN's Cody Willard for staring at PETA model Joanna Krupa's breasts. Today, there were not 1 but 2 guys checking out Amy Robach (and who would blame them). But to get caught on national TV, naughty naughty little boys...


Lester Holt: I didn't peek. I swear I was only looking at her notes...

Dude: Um, I was looking for my visual cue on when to speak... I think.
Amy: What about that thing crawling down your leg in your pants?
Dude: Um..., no comment.

Screencaps courtesy of the Ultimate News Babes website.


Anonymous said...

That dude just could not resist, look at him staring at Amy's nice perky tits! I know what he is thinking, I wish I could just blow a load between those tits and then bang her hard!

Anonymous said...

I've got several videos of Amy. She's got the greatet looking legs amoung all the women. I love it when she wears pantyhose.

Anonymous said...

She's got extraordinary legs and quite frankly the rest of her, her face and body are perfect. She's head and shoulders above anyone else, except Tracey Smith from CBS who has similar muscularity in her legs. I'd love to have those sweet gams wrapped around my head while I made her squirm.

Anonymous said...

Hot New Anchor Women has the sexiest photo of Amy Robach's legs you will ever see.

Several great bloggers are commenting about Amy Robach as well.

Andy said...

My goodness, Amy is the best when it comes to pantyhose. She looks sooo hot when she wwear black hosiery. It turns me on so much, I just wish I am there with Amy so I touch her beautuful legs. She is an angel sent from above.

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