Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Rare Christi Paul Sexy Legs Shot

Happy holidays everyone. These pictures were taken yesterday when I wanted to post them but since Google disabled by account erroneously I was unable to post. Christi Paul of CNN HN is beauty pageant hot but she doesn't usually show much of herself like she did yesterday, enjoy and Merry Christmas...

A rarity, Christi Paul showing her fantastic legs,
"Um, he went that way..."

Screencaps courtesy of the Ultimate News Babes website.


Anonymous said...

Christi Paul still dresses like a dyke. There is no sex appeal. I like my Fox network over this dumb blonde. She is way to young to be dressing like that. My grandma dresses hotter than her.

Those hacks at CNN fired the wrong women. Why the fuck is that fat country singing Robin Meade and this dyke still on there.

I used to watch CNN when I was back in school but, now I watch Fox because I like getting my daily news from hot women. I like several of the bloggers out there blame the fagget Producers and Exexutives who are to busy sucking the weather man's dick.

Anonymous said...

Just taking a look at recent comments. You are right she dresses like a dyke. Her skirt is way longer than the women on Fox network and where is the cleavage. Well, she may be flat but, she could at least try. I watch CNN but, switch channels when Christi Paul is on the air.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you guys. Christi Paul probably stinks in bed and her husband is cheating on her. When a woman dresses like shit than that is what is expected. imho : )

Anonymous said...

Man, tough crowd in here.

Anonymous said...

Previous Guy,

Their are plenty of compliments for those Anchor women that deserve it.

It's just that people are more honest on this blog than others.

Anonymous said...

Yo, you right wing boneheads don't know what your talking about. She just dresses like a dyke most of the time (probably because her producer tells her to), but every once in a while you see the true Christi Paul come out. Check these links, you'll see.




But hey, if you guys are into loud mouthed idiots like the BITCHES on fox, or those disgustingly plain, twig legged women like anne coulter, then i can understand the difference in opinion. But seriously, Christi Paul is gorgeous. I'm out.

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