Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Year's Eve Cable News Bash

If you're into watching the news channels on New Year's Eve, this year there will be plenty of hot news babes reporting the festivities. On CNN, Anderson Cooper will be doing a special version of his show "New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper" at 11pm to 12:30am (EST) live from NYC. The important details, Kiran Chetry and EricaHill will be co-hosting with Anderson, lucky guy...

FOX News will be going with their lineup of Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly dubbed "U Party with Fox News 2008" at 11pm to 1am (EST). Correspondents include hotties in Courtney Friel and Jill Dobson.

CNN vs FOX, Brunettes vs Blonds, I guess the viewers will decide who is worth watching...


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