Thursday, December 27, 2007

Marie Drucker, France's Other Hot News Babe

Overall Hotness: 7.5/10
Face: 7.5/10
Body: 7.5/10
Legs: 7/10
Personality: 7.5/10

Photobucket When you think of hot female french news anchors, you usually think of Melissa Theuriau. But there are other hotties in France including Marie Drucker. What's really hot about Marie is her boyfriend was France's Interior Minister. There was a papparazzi thing that broke the story and apparently she was forced to leave her station, France 3, for a while during the elections. It's not entirely clear but I think she is now back doing the evening news for France 3.

Women always seem hotter when they are with a man with influence, you're always left wondering what it would be like to be that guy. The opposite is also true, a women with a poor or ugly dude can also get dragged down, you're always wondering that there must be something wrong with her that's why she's with that guy.

As for Marie's physical attributes, there really isn't nothing special. She looks infinitely hotter when she's smiling. She looks like she has a pretty tight body, not many curves. She doesn't show much leg action but I think she would have a nice set of legs.

She has an English wikipedia page and this is what it says:

Marie Drucker (born in Paris on December 3, 1974) is a French journalist and television personality. She is the daughter of Jean Drucker and niece of Michel Drucker, both prominent French television stars. She got a degree in modern literature from Sorbonne.

Her journalist career started in 1994, when she worked as a freelance journalist for Le Figaro and ELLE among others, befor settling down with the agency Capa in 1997, with whom she worked on the TV program Qu'en pensez-vous ? on Canal+. She was co-presenter of the France 2 show Rince ta baignoire in 1999. Next, in August 1999, she joined the newly-formed team of I-Télé (a 24-hour news channel which first went on air in November 1999), with whom she stayed until September 2005, when she got a job as the main news-reader on the France 3 evening news show Soir 3.

In 2006, she was voted by readers of FHM France the 22nd most sexy woman in the world.

Her partner is François Baroin, the former French Minister of the Interior

This appears to a montage with various Marie Drucker clips,

This is another clip of Marie reading the news, her French doesn't appear to be as fluid as Melissa, much more business like,

Check out more pictures of the French beauty Marie Drucker,


Anonymous said...

She looks just like Demi Moore.

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