Friday, March 28, 2008

Sexy NY News Babes Dancing On-air

They really love to dance on FOX5's Good Day NY show. The babes we're talking about here are Jodi Applegate, Christina Park and Ines Rosales. Together, they're probably the hottest trio anywhere in the country. Check them out,

Jodi too cool in the shades,
Wow, great side shot of Ines,
Just couldn't wait until the cameras stop rolling to sneak in a peak, could you?

Screencaps courtesy of SlashAsterisk at the Wide World of Women forum.


SlashAsterisk said...

If they aren't the hottest trio of news babes, please show me who is. Fox5ny would be hard to beat. Plus they have at least another half dozen or so babes they can put out there when necessary (Anne Craig, Vanessa Alfano, Lisa Murphy, Andy Adler, Dari Alexander, Karen Hepp, Andrea Day, Melissa McGhee to name a few). They will not have a problem with ratings. :)

Thanks for selecting my caps. Personally, I liked the dancing video from this past Monday, although todays shows more of Ines, which is always welcomed.


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