Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gigi Stone is now Hot on Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg definitely making a big splash the last couple of months, Margaret Brennan, Alison Kosik, and here with Gigi Stone. Here are some recent pictures of Gigi since she moved over from ABC in June. She could be the hottest of the latest Bloomberg acquisitions.

Going gaga over Gigi,

Screencaps courtesy of century and lateapex at the Reporter Caps forum.


GS said...

I agree, Bloomberg has a wonderful job in recent months. Gigi, Margeret, Courtney, and the others (you know who) all look so, so, so, so pretty. I wish I could have them all. Keep up the good work Bloomberg

BigD said...

"I wish I could have them all."

You DO mean all at once, right?

QueDog said...

Bloomberg is really steppin' it up. Check out Alison Kosik at 5 am when she is not sitting behind the desk!

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