Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Hotties on Red Eye with Barret Swatek Last Night

More Red Eye hotness, this from last night, actress Barret Swatek lookin' all swanky in a hot black dress. I've never seen her myself in any movies, but apparently she's a major GOP babe in addition to acting (probably why she's on FNC). Anyways, bonus add with Remi Spencer in the background.

Barret and Remi light up Red Eye,

Screencaps courtesy of cody at the Wide World of Women forum.


QueDog said...

Give me a break! Do you call this a hottie? Dress down to her knees?

The Good Dr. said...

Que man to man... Give me a break. She is a smart beautiful Blond. She was classy, beautiful, her comments on point , great and in the spirit of the show. Get ready to see more classy women like her on the screen instead of the truckstop newstand gals the media comes up with at times. Anyway knees are good, do you know what is up there. Check out an anatomy book! This Gal will be an anchor one day, she is on the level of Robin Meade easily. Are you the guy that had his weiner glued to his stomach?

BigD said...

It's not that she is wearing a dress down to her knees. It's what is UNDER the dress she is wearing down to her knees.
Barret has a natural beauty which I would certainly explore after REMOVING that dress which down to her knees. When my head is buried between her thighs, the length of the dress on the floor next to us is of no concern.

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