Monday, August 3, 2009

A Hot Norah O'Donnell and Jennifer Loven on Chris Matthews

From the Chris Matthews Show yesterday, MSNBC news babe Norah O'Donnell and Associated Press White House press correspondent Jennifer Loven showing off their outstanding leggage. Norah is bangin' again in her blue dress. I've seen Jennifer before, she's kind of like that average lady that dresses skimpy in order to look semi-hot. Still, you can't go wrong with a last name like Loven.

Norah was bringin' it,

Screencaps courtesy of Cobra at the Wide World of Women forum.


QueDog said...

Norah has the best eyes and legs in the business!

BigD said...

I love Norah showing us in the third pic what size dick she likes. She is indeed "hot", Anchorman. Wish I was large enough to interest her!

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