Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Hot Shira Lazar on Ab News for Red Eye

No doubt, I sure could get used to this. From Red Eye on FOX News last night, Los Angeles reporter hottie Shira Lazar in the ab-news segment. Not sure what Greg is doing there, reading the newspaper, he should be watching Shira like the rest of us.

Shira doesn't even break a sweat,

Screencaps courtesy of Pervman's blog.


mrbill said...

You missed Diane Falzone being on the other night. What a pair...God did good on her.

shadow said...

HD caps and video here:

You'll also find Diana Falzone in HD.

Dark The Man Duke said...

These ab news segments.....can FOX become any more of a cheesecake network? Yes they can!!

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