Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lucy Bustamante is a Hot Fill in on Regis and Kelly

Those of you from New Orleans will recognize her, this is Lucy Bustamante (the brunette) filling in yesterday for Kelly Ripa on the Regis and Kelly show. I took a look at some of her NOLA broadcasts, and it seems like she's looking way hotter here, younger too. Btw, the blonde is Diane Kruger from the new Tarantino movie.

Lucy is a hot fill in,

Screencaps courtesy of centricguy at the Wide World of Women forum.


Bradley said...

Lucy's TV station,WWL TV-4,CBS in New Orleans,is a station that carries Live with Regis and Kelly.I always thought that Lucy was super fine and gorgeous,she's even more so there in NY alongside Regis.To me,she's adorable,a real doll.

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