Saturday, August 22, 2009

Priya David is a Hot Weekend Host on CBS

I've seen her off and on, but never this hot. From last weekend's Early Show, this is CBS news babe Priya David showing off her legs in an incredibly tiny skirt. Not sure what the dude is doing on the right but Priya's definitely got it goin' on. She should get to host a lot more often.

Priya's delicious thighs,

Screencaps courtesy of Ninja at the Wide World of Women forum.


Prime said...

Priya David...

I happen to be big fan of her. How lovely to seeing her on morning show. But why is she staying with CBS? I expect her to quitting the job at CBS and move to something new that may interests her.

Maybe CNN? It's too soon to tell.

rootvg said...

Whew...she's a knockout.

Steen said...

Priya David is one exotic beauty! She looks great in this picture with her sexy legs. Her fiance is a lucky guy!

Dark The Man Duke said...

Where's Maggie? Bring back Maggie Rodriguez!

BigD said...

And YES...she is a knockout.

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