Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Becky Quick in a Nice Low Cut Top

We're used to her fabulous legs, but here is CNBC news babe Becky Quick showing a little skin up top as well. Not like she's a double D or anything, but it's always good to get a good peek every now and again (apologize for the fuzzy pictures, but that's how they came).

A hot Becks is always a treat,

Screencaps courtesy of tradecnbc the Wide World of Women forum.


Dick Rockhard said...

Never knew Becky had such nice breasts. She should show us the goods more often. Well done, Becky!

BigD said...

Exactly Dick! Becky has always had a great bod. Hope she reads and takes your suggestion!

HM said...

We need to see more of these type shots of Becky. Nice package!

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