Saturday, October 3, 2009

Allison Kaden is a Hot New York City News Babe

I don't know when these pictures were taken, but hot damn. Her name is Allison Kaden and she's a news babe on WPIX in NY. If she read the news like this for a half-hour, I don't think I could remember any of it, those puppies are sweet.

Allison is wickedly hot,

Screencap courtesy of Rich at the TvNewsCaps forum.


HM said...

Is it possible to get Allison an hour segment of her own so we enjoy her beauty?

BigD said...

I agree, HM. But who would be actually LISTENING to what she is saying? I would be tuning out her voice and only thinking about wanting to breast feed again.

rootvg said...

I wonder if those show up on radar.

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