Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Like Stephanie Abrams in Slit Skirts

Once in a while, Weather Channel and NBC news babe Stephanie Abrams will bust out an awesome segment. From yesterday, here she is in a hot revealing slit dress. Imagine if they did a sit down segment, you could probably see all the way up.

Steph knows what's good,

Screencaps courtesy of Pervman's blog.


BigD said...

If we could "see all the way up", would that make it a slit slit?

BigD said...

Let's get a survey going. If Playboy were to have a "Women of TWC" pictorial, which three OCM (past or present) would you want to see?
Mine would be...
Sharon Resultan
Heather Tesch
Janetta Jones
Of course, I'd like to see them ALL but let's limit it to your top three.

Jason said...

1) Stephanie Abrams
2) Nicole Mitchell
3) Hillary Andrews

Stephanie is my favorite!! I remember the first time I saw her six years ago. I was blown away by her looks and personality. She is the main reason why I keep watching the TWC. The station won the lottery when it hired her. It hit the jackpot!!! Stephanie, you are an amazing woman!!!!!

BigD said...

Everyone needs to check out the tvperv site credited for the cap. It has LOTS of caps of which we only get one here out of a series such as the Stephanie post. It also has MANY posts on babes from south of the border and those females have massive breasts just made for tv viewers who frequent sites such as this one.
That being said, I did a computer analysis and the top of that slit is just about two inches away from TWC heaven.

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