Sunday, January 10, 2010

Erica Hill Says Goodbye CNN, Hello CBS Full-time

I don't think anyone was really all that surprised that Erica Hill called it quits with CNN the other day. Joining the main CNN after Headline News was almost a downgrade in terms of facetime. But her regular weekend CBS gig has turned out to be her future. She's pregnant right now, so not sure when she'll start her expanded role on CBS, but I'm sure she'll be back on primetime in no time. Below are some pics from her last day with Anderson Cooper, I spared y'all the sappy tears pictures.

You stay classy Erica...

Screencaps courtesy of shadow at the Hi-Def News Caps blog.


Thechairman said...

The CNN/CBS pipeline appears to have at least worked out for Erica. Unfortunately the something-that's-in-the-water hit CBS and both Erica and Maggie Rodriguez are both pregnant. One would have thought that Erica would have been in line to substitute for Maggie. Anyone other than Miss America. Her odd flirting banter with Anderson Cooper will be gone though you kind of wonder what the whole point was considering that Anderson plays for the other team.

Marc B said...

I spotted her talent during her tenure at Tech TV. Glad to see her moving up the ladder. This natural beauty deserves it.

Unknown said...

Way to Go, Erica! You were right about Jessica Yellin all along! She's the one that pushed you out, but you knew from MSNBC and ABC the Classy, Christian, Magna Cum Laude Jessica Yellin is just a Facade. Bravo for Leaving, as Lou Dobbs, and Jack Cafferty, if he still had any, have done! Thanks and Good Luck!

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