Monday, January 11, 2010

Mercedes Colwin and Lis Wiehl in a Hot Leg Duel on FOX

Weekends are always tops on FOX. From FOX and Friends yesterday, legal hotties Mercedes Colwin (brunette on the right) and Lis Wiehl (blonde on the right) light it up with a mega hot leg duel. I'd say, Lis wins this one pretty handily, wow. How'd you like to be that guy in the middle.

Mercedes and Lis are wickedly hot together,

Screencaps courtesy of shadow at the Hi-Def News Caps blog.


StewartIII said...

Mercedes + Lis = Absolutely Mind Blowingly HOT!

Raoul said...

Colwin & Wiehl should have their own tag-team legal show. FNC probably wouldn't consider it because neither has a far-right approach. But they've earned it!

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