Monday, January 11, 2010

Jacqui Jeras and Jenny Harrison are Hot CNN Weather Babes

From CNN yesterday, here are weather babes Jacqui Jeras and Jenny Harrison in an interview together. I'm definitely diggin' Jacqui's sweater choice, showing off those curves very well. I've seen Jenny here and there, I like her style, very classy.

Jacqui and Jenny are a hot duo,

Screencaps courtesy of DaveD the Wide World of Women forum.


Unknown said...

Jacqui is such a cutie. Very pretty lady, and underrated. Forget Bonnie Schneider and her melting face, Jacqui's the best at CNN. I'm not digging this chick sitting next to her though. Might just be a bad picture, but she looks kind of homely.

Raoul said...

I've enjoyed watching Jacqui since her days at Ch 13 in Des Moines, and may I say, she only gets better with the years.

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