Sunday, May 31, 2009

Courtney Friel is an Ab Crunch Queen

From earlier in the week, blondie FOX news babe Courtney Friel demonstrating her form on doing ab crunches, and she's still got the smile going on. She doesn't even look like she's straining or feeling any pain at all, what a pro. Even Greg Gutfield in the little Picture in Picture is floored.

Courtney must have abs of steel,

Screencaps courtesy of deadzone at the Reporter Caps forum.


Dark The Man Duke said...

Greg's looking mighty good there. I think I'll steal this cap and "enhance" it to get a better view of The Gut and chop out that icky Courtney. Look for it soon on:


Anonymous said...

I am kind of tired of seeing her do Ab News. Would instead like to see just how flexible she is doing Yoga News. That would be tight.

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