Friday, June 5, 2009

A Hot Michelle Caruso-Cabrera on Power Lunch

It's been a long while since I've posted on CNBC news babe Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, but she's back here and looking fabulous as usual, she just kinda stayed low key for a while, like Erin Burnett lately as well. She's still got the guns and decent leggage.

MCC rockin' it,

Screencaps courtesy of dogbones at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

Dark "The Man" Duke is not me but you all already know by his obsession with me. shadow created a website and writes paragraphs because he is a loser with no life. shadow you need to get laid. I bet shadow doesn't even know what a pussy smells like. lol

The real site is without "The Man" in my name.

SlashAsterisk said...

Hey Dark Duke - Just to repudiate something that you wrote in an earlier posting on this site, check this out:


If your blog site is doing so well, how many hits do you get per month? Surely you must have a number in order to claim what you are claiming about how your spam site beats even reportercaps.

Got some news for ya, it doesn't.

I had thought you had changed and were respecting cappers and other sites and figured that you were alright, but obviously your obsession with spamming this blog and with mocking reportercaps and a certain capper called shadow now makes me rethink that.

It's a pity.


Damon Hynes said...

I'll take Sue, thanx...!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
snaggle tooth said...

Michelle is a looker but I'd almost rather have a go with Sue. Michelle is hotter in just about every way but Sue seems so much nicer. I have little doubt that Sue would be a lot more fun.

Anonymous said...


Check the comments. The only person who kept on going and going asking for my attention and spammming this site was shadow under the alias of Dark "The Man" Duke.

You and other screencapers will always get credit on my site. Just your man shadow who you guys can't keep under control.

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Everything I've said has been a fact so please check the info.

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Double check my site. Is your name and other screencapers still under the screencaps?

But, you are on here defending a guy who has said racist statments, created an entire fake webpage which is weird as hell, trashed Anchorman and your fellow screencapers.

Dark The Man Duke said...

What info have you provided, fake "dark duke"? I gave you a Google link for top search results of "news anchors". You have no proof or evidence of what you're claiming, you just like to run your mouth off about how great your site is. Please, fake "dark duke", keep it up, it gives myself and everyone here a good chuckle as you make a giant ass out of yourself.

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Your Shadow-envy is still showing. I just can't figure out why you think I'm him. He's shown that he will post here under his name, and I'm sure he would right now if he actually gave two shits about you. I guess in your tiny, warped little mind there just can't possibly be more than one person that's tired of you and calls you out on your bullshit.

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Dark "The Man" Duke--Troll Hunter.

Dark The Man Duke said...

fake "Dark Duke" said,

"... My site is in fact one of the most visited in the country. I'm even higher than this great website and the great reportercaps.... June 4, 2009 2:20 PM..."

So once again you were lying to someone, in this case Slash, about what you supposedly said. There it is in black and white. Time to go delete some more of your posts, fake "dark duke", and cover your ass.

Dark The Man Duke said...

One more thing. Fake "dark duke" is also claiming that he doesn't spam over here, yet that looks shockingly similar to his website link in his first post in this thread. Just like he does in every thread he posts in. That's called spamming, buddy, something you're hardly new at.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


You just keep on going on and on with your obsession with me. You are such a joke.

Your two previous comments are other instances when you keep on thinking that everyone is stupid.

Don't take what I said and put it out of context based on assumption. I already explained what I meant and no one is falling for you obsessive b.s.

After anchorman turned comments to names only you/shadow were the only ass spamming and now there is proof since you cannot be on here without your fake name Dark "The Man" Duke. You have nerve and you don't care about all the commentors who just want to talk about news babes.

I wasn't going to reply to your ranting SHADOW. But, I'm glad to let everyone know it's your loser ass. When you go buy Dark "The Man" Duke it shows what a loser you really are with your several posts to me showing that you don't have anything better to do. Losa :-)

Dark The Man Duke said...

For your information, I didn't "buy" my name, Dark "The Man" Duke, I was born with it. So take that, twinkle-toes.

No one's taking anything you said out of context. It's right there in black and white where I posted it. One of the first things you started saying on this site after you began spamming your link over here and declaring yourself "The Man" was that you "just checked and have one of the most visited sites in the country." No mention of newsbabes or anything, just plain "most visited". And as I have posted before you have also claimed to have the most visited and searched site on Google, period. I guess trying to argue facts and sense with a retard is a lost cause though.

You now have the very people who make the caps you post on your site and pretty much make your site possible to begin with arguing with you about your bullshit. You have yet to post any counter-proof against what Slash or I have said about your claims. All you do is talk about "Shadow this and Shadow that." Shadow's not here, dummy. Every post you've made since anonymous comments were disabled has proven that you were the one all along posting anonymously in bunches about how great you are and how much Shadow is a "pussyboy".

I only come out and post as Dark "The Man" Duke when you start in with your spamming and self-hype over here. I am an obvious parody of what has to be a parody to begin with, since nobody could possibly be as insane in real life as you appear to be. If you just stuck to your "#1 rated site" and stayed away from here, there wouldn't be any need for me. So bottom line, stick to your shitty site, apologize for all your lies, go sit in a padded room with your brother in news-anchor and capper hate, Mark "Rattler" Mance, or just leave the internet for all I care. It's really that simple.

I know that was a lot for your simple mind to read, "dark duke", but I hope you can get through it and realize that you have to get off my, Shadow's, Anchorman's, and all the reporter cappers' nuts.

S said...

Jeeeeezzzus-Kee-ryst, would all the assholes who claim to be, or wanna be, or think they are, or ARE DarkDuke, Shadow and whoever please shut the ***HELL UP ALREADY***???!!!

All you're doing instead of proving your point is demolishing Anchorman's blog here. Look at that-- fine-ass caps of Michelle up there followed by all that crap, and barely a word about HER.

How about you kiddies run along and take your argument to some private chatroom, huh??? No one cares anymore!

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