Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jenna Lee

I missed it over the weekend, but it was FBN news babe Jenna Lee's birthday on Friday. 29 years old, at her prime for sure. Also, a NY Daily News feature on Jenna, the quote of the day goes,

"My looks aren't going to help me explain mortgage-backed securities," she says. "In the realm of things that are unexpected, I never expected to be perceived that way. I was a tomboy growing up. Quite frankly, I don't know what to do with it. I don't walk into a room and think people are checking me out."
I can't imagine her as a tomboy, though she's probably a jeans and t-shirt gal outside of the studio.

Anyways, a hot Jenna picture from her Facebook,

Credit tip: sparty at the Reporter Caps forum.


Unknown said...

It's also Heidi Collins' b-day.

Dark The Man Duke said...

Jenna Lee is so hot she might even turn a gay man like me straight!

Anonymous said...


Those people were just kidding around about the german news anchor. It also looked like the same person who was ragging on me was one of the people who then turned on you. Don't let those jokes get to you. I know what your thinking since that loser impersonating me is distracting but I laugh at all the time the fool (above)has spent in creating that fake webpage.

Your site is great and I suggest you turn on comment approval since I don't want you to start losing visitors who wish to remain annonymous.

eyecantspel said...

It sucks having to signup for an account. yet another way for people to steal my passwords and inject my computer with viruses.

there better be a fricking jenna lee post every day and nude pictures before the end of the year.

thanks for jenna posts, no thanks to signing in.

the picture from the nydn story was smoking and was provided by fox, i bet you can use it. best picture i have seen of her face.

Dark The Man Duke said...

Dear eyecantspel,

Thank you for your kind words. You only have to worry about getting nasty, gay computer viruses if you visit that phony-baloney dark duke website, so as long as you don't go to that heaping pile of manure, you should be okay.

Dear fake dark duke,

Thank you for your kind words. I find you very amusing as well, because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so you must be my biggest fan in the whole wide world (of news hunks)! Don't you worry about Anchorman. He isn't nearly as paranoid as you, seeing as how he doesn't only allow comments on his site that phrase him like Jesus reborn. We all know anything negative said isn't good for morale, so I understand why you wouldn't allow any constructive criticism of you on your second rate site. After all, you are a sensitive little boy. ;)

As the lord and god of the interwebs, it only takes me a fraction of a second to update my awesome site. This comes with being "The Man", something you will never experience until you find your own identity. Don't worry, fake dark duke, I'm sure they'll be an extra-special post up later dedicated just to you, my boy ;)

Please visit my super fabulous website at:

And remember's good to be Da Duke ;)

Dark The Man Duke said...

One more thing, fake dark duke, how do you know those people were just kidding about the manly-beyond-my-wildest-dreams German news anchor? Are you a mind reader? Do you possess the powers of telepathy? No, fake dark duke, you do not, because I have the powers of telepathy and I can read YOUR mind. You're a phony in name and a phony in saying you have super powers.

This is Professor Charles "Dark 'The Man' Duke" Xavier, off to join Gambit, Iceman, Cyclops, and the rest of the screencappers/X-Men. Peace ;)

eyecantspel said...

Jenna Lee is still smoking hot, even if comments are limited this year.

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