Sunday, May 31, 2009

News Babe Hottie of the Week, May Week 4

Another unspectacular week given the solid lineup of hotties in last week's Hottie of the Week poll. Contessa Brewer & Amy Robach won a close one over Jenna Lee & Alexis Glick, Megyn Kelly, Kiran Chetry, and Katie Couric rounded out the list.

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As for this week (Sunday May 24 to Saturday May 30), the comments are getting a little crazy to filter out, plus I got ragged out on that German news babe (and rightfully so). I've disabled anonymous comments so hopefully that will change things. Anyways, for this week, a decent lineup featuring Laura Ingle, Ainsley Earhardt, Natalie Morales, Carrie Prejean, and Juliet Huddy. I hope this doesn't skew the voting, but my guess is that Carrie wins in a landslide.

You vote here. I will leave the voting open until next Sunday with which I will announce the winner, Happy Voting:
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Here they are in order of appearance:
Laura Ingle in a red hot short skirt,
Great to see Ainsley Earhardt back in studio,
Natalie Morales was golden this week, more pictures on the jump,
Miss California Carrie Prejean wowed everyone this week,
M&J is going away, but thank goodness Juliet Huddy will still be around,


Dark The Man Duke said...

Thank you so much Anchorman. Now there will hopefully be no more false Dark Duke's and The Screencapper: "Shadow"'s running around here. Keep up the good work and maybe one day you too can be THE MAN!!

Bobby said...

Anchorman you're missing out on Alisyn Camerota!

She's been on FIRE lately. Showing much cleavage last week..

And then yesterday her skirt rode up so far you could literally see her ass!

It rode up so much.. Clayon Morris even mentioned it this morning on Fox and Friends and they showed a picture!

Denbar said...

Well Anchorman, you definitely cut down on the chatter. Kuddos.

I think Juliet is the whole package and that is why I voted for her.

Anonymous said...


Those people were just kidding around about the german news anchor. It also looked like the same person who was ragging on me was one of the people who then turned on you. Don't let those jokes get to you. I know what your thinking since that loser impersonating me is distracting but I laugh at all the time the fool has spent in creating that fake webpage.

Your site is great and I suggest you turn on comment approval since I don't want you to start losing visitors who wish to remain annonymous.

Dark The Man Duke said...

Thank you fake dark duke, for once again posting the same message in multiple threads as always. You truly are the ultimate attention whore and the sole reason why anonymous comments have been disabled here. Your posting as the fake The Screencapper: "Shadow" is truly dispicable. I'm sure your concern over Anchorman's site touches him in a way a man's never supposed to, but maybe you should worry about the comments on your own second-banana site. Trying to copy my policy of "no sugar coating b.s., all comments and criticism welcome" only works if you allow the criticism with the phrase! Stick with me kid, you'll learn something new every day!

It's good to know that even in these troubled times, we can still count on some amazing spam from the imposter dark duke in every thread here! ;)

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