Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Hot María Celeste Arrarás on the Today Show

I posted this mainly for María Celeste Arrarás but Natalie Morales and Nancy Snyderman looking pretty hot as well. It's interesting how María has to tone it down for NBC, showing less up top and covering more leggage. She's still outstanding though.

A hot NBC trio,

Screencaps courtesy of RLDLightning at the Wide World of Women forum.


Dark The Man Duke said...

I'm usually a fan of Natalie, mainly because she's worn some awesome "malfunctioning" skirts over the years, but c'mon Anchorman, I think you're reaching here calling her hot while she's wearing a baggy set of pants and long sleeve shirt. The one in the yellow isn't anything special either, that skirt may be "hot and sexy" in Rattler-speak, but for those of us in reality, it's an old lady skirt.

There's so many more hot news babes out there I can't believe you posted this. I am very disappointed. I don't think I can call you Anchor "The Man" Man anymore after this post.

Dark The Man Duke said...

Anchorman, you should get some Nicole Petallides caps from the mother (Alexis Glick) and daughter (Jenna Lee) show on FNB to make up for calling Nancy "old lady name: Snyderman "hot". Nicole is looking FINE as hell.

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