Saturday, June 20, 2009

Patti Ann Browne in Her Regular Hot Spot on Red Eye

It's almost become obligatory to watch Patti Ann Browne when she's on Red Eye. She's certainly hot here, especially with the low cut top, but I've seen better. Oh ya, that is Ann "the man" Coulter in the background. Just kidding, Ann's hot too, I may not agree with what comes out of her mouth, but she's definitely bangin'.

PAB is a Red Eye delight,

Screencaps courtesy of shadow at the Reporter Caps forum.


Dark The Man Duke said...

I didn't recognize PAB there for a second. She looks......different.

You had it right the first time, AM. Neither you nor I am "The Man", Ann won that title a long time ago.

Unknown said...

PAB is going blonde part of the fox mandate. only Julie B. is an exception

Dick Rockhard said...

PAB needs to wear shorter skirts. Her beautiful breasts are always perfect and pleasantly on display with the generious amount of cleavage she shares with us. I'd love to plunge my cock deep inside her pussy, ass and mouth then shoot my load all over her tits. PAB is the best MILF on cable, with Alysin Cammarota coming in a close second.

BigD said...

"Oh ya, that is Ann "the man" Coulter in the background."

Yep, that's him.

womensexcrementisexcitement said...

Patti Anne Browne is nearing menopause & Patti Anne Browne is old enough to be a grandmother-you can become a grandmother @ 40. Patti Anne Browne's turds are as big as patties! Patti Anne Browne is pretty but Patti Anne Browne was prettier from 1989-2004. Her looks since 2005 have faded & Patti Anne Browne will get older & faded. Patti Anne Browne will give birth to farts & turds which exit Patti Anne Browne's anus until the day she dies, long after she hits menopause & no longer menstruates. What names would you give of the shits which exit Patti Anne Browne's anus?

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