Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Natascha Berg In a Hot Buttoned Down Blouse

From the other day on Pro 7 Newstime, this is German news babe Natascha Berg showing off a lot of skin with the buttoned down blouse. Now that's hot. I love how the necklace she's wearing is strategically placed as well, just inside that crack. She's got that hot model look, from catwalk to studio.

Natascha with the great view,

Screencaps courtesy of saviola and astrosfan at the Reporter Caps forum.


Dave said...

Very nice... daddy like.

BigD said...

They need to turn down the studio air conditioner thermostat another 10 degrees or so. She could make a couple of interesting "points" during her broadcasts then.
And yes...Daddy REALLY like.

Bravo Charlie said...

If she moves just a millimetre I'll be able to see her bra...

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