Thursday, June 18, 2009

Melissa Rycroft is GMA's Newest Hot News Babe

Via TVNewser, ABC's Good Morning America just scored their latest hottie contributor, Melissa Rycroft, better known for being dumped on "The Bachelor," and finishing bronze on "Dancing With The Stars." I guess she got the last laugh after all, she's going to be one cutie to watch for in the weeks and months to come,


BigD said...

Never seen her before this pic but I didn't want her to feel bad by not having any comments left for her.
Let's see...oh, yeah...that hair looks just right to twist in a knot and use to yank her head backwards as you're doing her doggy style until she says "Please Daddy! I'll be good from now on and I won't tell Mommy about my punishment!"

JGatsby said...

She's cute, but I would be more likley to tune in to see Contessa Brewer who was recently replaced on her morning show. How about Contessa and Kate Snow paired together? - I'd watch that on the weekend (or any other time).

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